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Recovering Ancient Rome: The Scale Model of Roma in the Age of Constantine and the original fragments of the Forma Urbis from the Era of Severus.

Type: Guided tour

Rome in the Age of Constantine was at the peak of its  of its extension as a city.  Its splendor inspired awe  among many inlcluding Ammiano Marcellino who in 357 d.C. described it in this way:

“… (I) remained  astounded by the sight of the rostrum, the famous forum of  ancient power, and wherever I rested my gaze , I was struck by the beauty of the numerous works of art.  Then, visiting the different parts of the city that blanketed the hilltops, the slopes of the seven hills, the planes  and the outlying areas, everything that I was seeing for the first time, I found unsurpassable in  magnificence….”.

The tour allows the visitor to travel the lengths of the great  ancient city through the use of the scale model of the  Museo della Civiltà Romana,  a faithful reconstruction (scale 1:250) of Rome in the Age of Constantine.

Guided tour in Italian by Clotilde D’Amato

The model offers a three-dimensional reconstruction not only of the well-known archeological remains that are visible in present-day Rome, placed in their original context, but also many buildings, roads, lanes and other areas that have been lost but were once part of what prompted  astonishment in the eyes of the ancient visitor.  Some of the original fragments of the ancient map of Rome, the Forma Urbis are on display in four large showcases on either side of the model.  Thanks to this arrangement, important monuments reconstructed in the model can be compared immediately with those of the map from the age of Severus.


Museo della Civiltà Romana
Opening hours

September 28, 2013 at 10.30

Tickets for special events

Free admission and guided tour.
Advance Booking is required
Maximum number of participants: 30


Info and Booking: tel. +39 060608, everyday from 9:00 to 21:00
Sovrintendenza Capitolina in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura

Booking compulsory

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