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Free guided tours of the Museum of Roman Civilization led by the Confesercenti guides

Type: Guided tour

For the 23rd International Tourist Guide Day, established by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, promoted in Italy by the Associazione Nazionale Guide Turstiche, SNGT Tourist Guides, Federagit - the Confesercenti Guides of Rome offer free tours to all visitors who wish to discover lesser known parts of the city.

The visit provides an overall idea of the Roman civilization, from the foundation to the fall of the Empire. The models on display show how the monuments originally appeared and see the advanced techniques used by the ancient Romans in various fields. The large model of ancient Rome depicts the city at the time of its maximum development.


Museo della Civiltà Romana
Opening hours

10.30 am; 11.00 am; 11.30 am.

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Further information

An event organized by FEDERAGIT

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