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Signore e Signori... La Serbia!
27 December 2011 - 27 January 2012

The event offers a series of initiatives aimed at promoting Serbian artistic and cultural heritage with art and photographic exhibitions

19 November - 17 December 2011

Russian Cultural Month part of the “Arte e cultura dell’Europa dell’Est a Roma” (Art and culture of Eastern Europe in Rome) project.

An exhibition dedicated to Ukraine, on the twentieth anniversary of its independence, presenting the works of three artists: Olilga Milentiy, Nadiya Stoyko and Galyna Chukal, who wish to express the spirit of their culture through a journey that conveys emotions, feelings and impressions of the characteristics of their country of origin.
A symbolic vision of a vital and critical journey projected into the future.
“La dottrina è la luce” and “Paradiso o Santuario” by Olilga Milentiy
“L’anima dell’Indipendenza” by Galyna Chukhal
“Dolore, Amore,Speranza” by Nadiya Stoyko

Dall'alto di due imperi
22 June - 24 July 2011

Prima personale in Italia di Xu Longsen, uno dei protagonisti dell’arte cinese contemporanea

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